River Valley Hypnosis
James Einert, ND, CH
Certified Hypnotist
Clarksville Health Food Store
800 West Main Street
Clarksville, Arkansas
River Valley Hypnosis uses hypnosis, NLP and EFT to help you change your
unwanted behaviors. We can help you with the following problems and more.
Verbal First Aid (TM)
Increase Self-Esteem
School Improvement
Performance Improvement
Panic Attacks
Relationship Problems
Weight Loss
Test Anxiety
Bad Habits
Copyright 2015 by James Einert, ND, CH
Now specializing in releasing trauma. Helping those who were abused, who
have trapped emotions that are causing anxiety, panic attacks, depression,
fears, and all manner of Chronic Disease. Many people have these problems,
but are not even aware that they have had some form of abuse in their past. I
am trained to help find and release those buried traumas in the most careful
manner so as not to re-traumatize the person. I can help with the following
abuse, even if you have no memory of said abuse, without introducing any
false memories, but only helping you to find the true abuse which many times
has been blocked from you conscious memory for your protection.
Please, if you have any idea of such abuse, or if you are prone to panic
attacks, depression, anxiety, fears or a chronic disease such as Fibromyalgia,
IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, or any other of a million Chronic Diseases,
please don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment!!!