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Sexual Abuse
     Sexual Abuse is far more common than anyone ever believed. It is happening
all around us, usually without our knowledge, and usually without the victims
knowledge as well. It is many times too traumatic for the person to handle, and in
order to protect the victim, the mind will hide the memories deep in the
     If you know you have been sexually abused, or if you have fragments of
memories or dreams of being sexually abused, or maybe you stayed over at
someone house in a sleepover, and when you awoke your clothes were
unbuttoned, or arranged differently, or some of them were missing. Or maybe your
body didn’t feel right in some way. You may have been sexually abused. It wasn’t
your fault, even if you know it happened and it felt good. Many times these
memories will come back up to the surface, or you will have anxiety or panic
attacks because of these traumas even if you don’t know why.
     I have helped people to bring these memories back up in ways they can handle
the pain and trauma, and the emotions can be released so the person no longer
has the panic attacks, anxiety or depression. Even chronic diseases such as
Fibromyalgia, IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and even Cancer can be caused by these
traumas trapped in the subconscious.
     If you have any idea that you may have been abused in any way, please give
me a call and let me help you release these emotions so you only have emotional-
less memories of these events, and the pain will stop!
     I have worked with this, and I am non-judgmental of whatever happen and who
might have done this awful thing to you. I will help you get your life back together.
Copyright 2012 by James Einert, ND, CH